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Who We Are and What We Do

From the young boy drawing endless wheeled inventions to the man creating the machines for real, Chimera embraces old and new, components and ideas, and seeks to bring only the unique to life. Chimera Motorcycles was founded from a lifelong obsession with cars, motorbikes, customisation, and engineering.

Located on the South Coast of Sussex near the world-renowned Goodwood Estate, Chimera Motorcycles is surrounded by motorsport history.

There are a number of services that we offer, give us a shout if we can help with a project.

Custom Motorcycle Building 


At Chimera we work with each client to craft a truly bespoke creation. From initial concept to expert execution, each step of the process is closely shared with the client. We take your dreams and immortalise them in metal.

Chimera Finishings 

Whilst building our initial bikes we found limited services that would meet our unique requirements and high standards so we worked on delivering this service in house.


We now offer a market leading ceramic coating Cerakote service which can be used in multiple applications. Cerakote has unrivalled coating protection and can be used in many applications due to it's robust yet high end finishing.

Wheel Building 

From refurbishments to entire new wheels we are able to offer this unique craft to bring your bike back to life or give it entirely new look. 

Refurbishment can include all elements of the wheel including hubs, spokes, rims and bearings. Why not mix our wheel building service with our ceramic finishings...

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