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Time to Build Your Dream Machine

Chimera was established to build custom motorcycles that stir emotions. 

Your build is our priority. During the initial discussions you will feel the enthusiasm and passion to build something special, a company that you can trust to deliver to an extremely high standard. At all times your project will be a priority to us, we will be living and breathing the project.


Check out our motorcycle building process below and get in contact with us to discuss your dream machine.

Stage 1 - Discussion 

The most important step starts at the beginning, who are you?!

A custom motorcycle is an extension of you, your personality, it is a reflection of your style.

I like to know what makes you tick, who you are, what ideas you have, what type of riding you envisage doing and the budget.  

Chatting Over Coffee
sketch designing photo.png

Stage 2 - Design

This is when we I visualise all of the information taken to date to make your dream machine. 


I will take all that valuable information, mix in some 'Chimera style', add a pinch of 'bad ass' and put the concept down on paper.

This will include:

- Concepts

- Materials

- Colour Pallets

- Time Lines  

Stage 3 - Build 

When the concept meets reality.

This may start with finding a donor bike, or maybe cracking on with one you already have. 

There are many stages associated with the build of a custom bike, the steps and associated time frames will be agreed at the design stage.

You will be kept up to date throughout the process, with photos and videos. 


Stage 4 - Ride


WhatsApp from Chimera - 'Its done.....'


The time has come, you can't sleep, your boots have been shined, your instagram filters chosen - your bike is finished and ready to be adopted.

Bikes can be shipped worldwide, or dropped off in the UK. 

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