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Wheel Building

Building spoked motorcycle wheels is a craft that requires particular knowledge which is fast becoming a lost art, putting classic motorcycles at risk.

We are able to offer this service in-house; we use only the best tools and materials to build accurate long lasting wheels. 



Services available:

  • Full Re-builds 

  • Truing 

  • New Spokes

  • New Rim

  • Industry Leading Ceramic Coating (Hubs, Rims, Nipples, Spokes) 

  • Bearing Replacements 

Please do keep the wheel intact (tyre removed) before any work to ensure the appropriate measurements can be taken.

Custom Wheels

Installing spoked wheels on a  motorcycle in place of cast wheels can give the bike an awesome look. 

We will work with you to identify options for hubs, rims and spokes; then source and build the wheels for you.

We are currently working on developing our own hubs for forthcoming project bikes.

Ceramic Coating

Chimera Motorcycles has the in-house ability to apply the leading Ceramic Coating on the market. 

This coating is perfect for wheels and comes in 120+ colour choices.

  • Unmatched in chemical and corrosion resitance 

  • Can withstand extreme temperatures

  • High end look and feel 

  • Thin coating 0.25 - 2.0 mm

  • UV stable 

Visit our sister site here for more info.

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